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BCU Student Nursing Times Awards 2018 nominations

Birmingham City University has received a record number of nominations in the shortlist for this year’s Student Nursing Times Awards. Check out the thoughts of some of our students and staff who have been nominated.

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BCU has been nominated 14 times for seven different categories in this year’s awards, including Student Nurse of the Year in Mental Health and Educator of the Year.

The awards recognise outstanding educational institutions that offer courses to develop the leadership, management and clinical skills of aspiring nurses, and which provide an educational environment that nurtures and develops the talent of qualified nurses.

The winners of each category will be announced at the awards ceremony which will take place on Thursday 26 April in London on Park Lane.

Read below the thoughts of some of our students and staff who have been nominated.

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Abigail Clarke, Student Nurse of the Year: Learning Disabilities

“I am extremely proud to be considered for this award. Learning Disability Nursing has been my passion for the last three years and I have worked hard to promote inclusion and improved care.

“Being shortlisted for the Nursing Times Student Nurse Awards will only support me in getting my voice heard and continuing my work.

“Thank you to everyone who has supported and encouraged me through these last three years.”

Nicola Clarke, Educator of the Year

“I am absolutely ecstatic and very humbled by my shortlisting. This is one moment in my 15-year career in higher education at BCU that I shall not forget.

“In my classes I endeavour to bring to life those subjects that some students find difficult and lack confidence in. I strive to engender a passion for self-improvement not only in the students’ chosen caring profession, but also in their personal and academic development.

“I want all of our students to feel a sense of pride in themselves, and to never feel like they can’t achieve. To support this, I used the research findings from my doctoral study to create a book on reflection for our students. This book is a product that I am very proud of and is a book that talks to students and will hopefully further bring about that sense of pride in who they are in the caring profession.

“I am very grateful to those staff and students who took part in my research all those years ago, to BCU for giving me the time to write it and to students, past and present, who make teaching such an incredible experience for me on a daily basis. I would also like to thank the staff who ask me to teach academic skills and reflection on their modules and allow me near their students.”

Lydia Edwards, Student Nurse of the Year: Children

“I am delighted to have been shortlisted for the Nursing Times Student Nurse of the Year Award – Children. I felt surprised at first when approached by the deputy programme director and my personal tutor who supported my application. Yet through the reflective process of applying I am proud of all I have achieved as a student nurse.

“As a single mum to a daughter with health needs, I have demonstrated commitment. I have a high attendance record and at times have spent the night with my daughter in hospital and then attended university the next day.

“A significant experience last year was being involved in the resuscitation of a baby whilst out for the day with my daughter. I demonstrated competence and courage to perform the basic life support algorithm, and compassion to explain what was happening and reassure the mother who had witnessed a traumatic event.

“I have received positive feedback whilst on clinical placements and have passed my last two placements with P* passes for excellent communication skills and anatomy and physiology knowledge. I have also received positive feedback in my academic studies and have been invited to step onto the HARS program for high achievers with a 68 per cent academic average. In addition, I have been involved with fundraising, peer mentoring and attended conferences as a BCH scholarship student.

“I am a passionate and ambitious student nurse who is inspired by the challenges of nursing and value being part of a team, making a difference to the lives of sick children and their families. I am also supportive of my colleagues and hope to be an inspiration to other single parents pursuing a nursing career.”

Angela Harrison-Bennett, Student Nurse of the Year: Learning Disabilities

“Why have I been nominated? Now that’s a question! I can only think that it’s because I have a passion for nursing and a passion for studying and for equality and inclusivity.

“As a nurse I can make positive changes to the lives of people with learning disabilities and whilst it may be challenging I do so with a smile. I believe that this is the reason I have been nominated and it is an honour having your lecturers think so highly of you.

“I am not the best academic, the most experienced student and I’m far from the youngest! But my nomination reflects the acceptance and respect that the university shows to all the students and the support has been wonderful and much appreciated.”

In addition to Pre-Registration courses, the University has also been nominated for Education Provider of the Year for Post-Registration. This category recognises outstanding educational institutions that offer courses to develop the leadership, management and clinical skills of qualified nurses.

For the full list of nominations, visit the Student Nursing Times Awards website.

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