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Beating the blues on Blue Monday

Blue Monday, what is that? I thought every Monday was ‘blue’. Well apparently there is an unscientific mathematical way of working out when the most depressing day of the year is…

Basically it means that based on the weather, debts from Christmas, time since Christmas, motivation or lack thereof, failing resolutions and the Christmas weight that we haven’t yet shifted, the third Monday in January is deemed the most depressing day of the year.

Can you believe that three weeks into our shiny brand new year, we already feel like this?! Let's do something about it.

Firstly let’s battle this equation. On the weather front, yes it is a bit gloomy and cold out there but if you think about it, we are heading back towards spring and lighter days. One month until the flowers are blooming again and start feeling the warmth from the sun. Whatever the weather is I think you should make the most of it and think POSITIVE!

So, if it’s cold and rainy, we’re mostly at work anyway so the weather really doesn’t matter, does it? Plus who doesn’t love lighting the fire and cuddling on the sofa under a blanket with a nice hot cup of tea…bliss. Why let something that you can’t change bring you down?

No one likes paying off debts, and the credit card bill might be a shock when it lands on your carpet in the morning. But when you open it think of what it bought you; those smiles as your family opened their presents, the smell of a gorgeous Christmas dinner, going out with friends dressed up to the nines and dancing the night away. Come on, tell me it wasn’t absolutely worth every penny.

I know it’s been three weeks since all the fun and frolics ended but just because it’s not Christmas anymore doesn’t mean there is no more joy. You don’t have to wait for the rest of the year to meet up with old friends, why not make it more regular? Instead of Christmas presents why not start doing random acts of kindness? Give a homeless man a cup of tea and a sandwich. Help an elderly person carry their shopping. Lend someone £2 for the car park or give them your ticket as you’re leaving. You can give and get smiles even though it’s not Christmas.

Ah, the New Year's Resolutions thing. Maybe don’t put yourself under the pressure of having one? My brother and I had a pact to give up chocolate (I know). Then he said about cutting out all sugary things all together. Now that is just setting up myself for failure – I would be miserable without nice things to eat, and I would certainly fail very quickly, making me more miserable. To be honest I haven’t stuck to it one single day! But I have made a conscious effort to reduce the amount of rubbish I eat, so I feel pleased about that – it’s all about doing what is right for you.

I have joined the gym also but I’m not setting goals that I’m likely to fail, I’m just going to go when I want, and see what I can do, no pressure. Anything is better than nothing.

So, instead of looking at back at what is gone, look forward, make plans to motivate yourself on this Blue Monday. Think about a holiday to go on – I recommend the Dominican Republic (it's paradise), but also there is nothing better in my mind than a week in beautiful Cornwall. Whose birthdays are coming up? What other events are there to look forward to? Where is your career going? Where can you take it? Grab the bull by the horns! Get up, make something happen and get excited for the future! It’s not all doom and gloom, you can make life what you want it to be, just try.

Chin up and good luck for the next 11 months, before you know it, it will be November again and we will all be watching X Factor or Strictly Come Dancing, waiting for the new John Lewis advert to come on….

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By Victoria Cox – Adult Nursing student

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