Hear from our students

The best way of finding out what it’s like to study here is from our students and graduates themselves, so we caught up a few of them to find out more about their experience of studying here. Take a look at the profiles below to find out more.

Pavan Mankoo index image

Pavan Mankoo

BA (Hons) Video Game Digital Art student

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Victoria Bennett-Salvador index

Victoria Bennett-Salvador 

BA (Hons) Digital Marketing student

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Daniel Burrows NTI index

Daniel Burrows

BA (Hons) Video Game Digital Art student 

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Henrique Teixeira NTI index image

Henrique Teixeira  

BSc (Hons) Video Game Development student 

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Joshua Nicholls NTI index image

Joshua Nicholls 

BA (Hons) Digital Marketing student 

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Matthew Tallis NTI student index

Matthew Tallis 

BA (Hons) Digital Marketing student 

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Kimberley White NTI graduate index

Kimberley White 

BA (Hons) Digital Marketing & MA Future Media graduate

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