Truth to Power with Jess Phillips

Truth To Power with Jess Phillips

Birmingham Literature Festival

Date and time
06 Oct 2019 (6:00pm - 7:00pm)

Royal Birmingham Conservatoire

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Birmingham Literature Festival

Truth To Power with Jess Phillips

Join fearless Labour MP Jess Phillips as she inspires us to speak out against injustices.

Speaking truth to power takes courage, and Jess Phillips shows us how to identify the problem, form a plan, and to speak out. Entertaining, empowering and uncompromising, Jess’s latest book offers inspiration, hope and practical help to people who want to speak out at a time when many of us feel the world isn’t listening. It will help you dig deep, speak up and overcome the awkwardness that can come from telling your boss, your family, your neighbour that something is bullsh*t.

As well as drawing on her own experiences, Jess talks to a range of high-profile people who have been brave enough to risk everything, become whistle-blowers and successfully fight back.

Truth to Power will help you change things. It will help call out bullies in all walks of life. It will help you rally support and fight the fight against injustice – even though the odds seem stacked against you.

About the speaker:

Jess Phillips was first elected as the Labour MP for Birmingham Yardley in 2015, before being re-elected in 2017. She was elected chair of the Women's Parliamentary Labour Party in September 2016. Before becoming an MP, Jess worked with victims of domestic violence, sexual violence and human trafficking, and she continues to speak up on behalf of those who struggle to have their voice heard.

Jess has worked with the Home Office, the Ministry of Justice and the Department for Communities and Local Government on issues of Violence Against Women and Girls. She is one of the women who launched the #NotTheCost campaign to combat the violence faced by politically active women, and the Reclaim the Internet campaign, which challenges online abuse.

Recent writing by Jess includes her new Introduction to the Vintage Feminism Short Editions version of My Own Story by Emmeline Pankhurst; an essay in Life Lessons From Remarkable Women (Penguin); a section in the play Women In Power; and her first book, Everywoman (Hutchinson).

Jess lives with her husband and two sons in Birmingham, where she was born and raised. 

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