The White Devil by John Webster

The White Devil by John Webster
Date and time
17 Jun 2021 (7:30pm)
18 Jun 2021 (2:30pm)



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The White Devil by John Webster
Director Scott Ellis

Duke Bracciano, married to Isabella, is besotted by another man’s wife, the beautiful Vittoria. With the help of Flamineo, Vittoria’s brother, they begin an illicit affair, but their infidelity does not go unnoticed. A web of corruption, passion and retribution ensues with a bloody conclusion.

Based on real events in Italy in 1585, Webster’s play turns Italian corruption into a metaphor for the political and moral state of England. The play also explores themes of personal identity – who people really are and how they wish to be seen: the ways in which they depict themselves as good, or ‘white’, or pure.

But who in the play is The White Devil of the title? Is it Bracciano, or Flamineo or even Vittoria herself?