Suspect Objects/Suspect Subjects: Visualising Suspicion

Suspect Objects/Suspect Subjects: Visualising Suspicion - Art and Community
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26 Nov 2020 (6:00pm - 8:00pm)




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Art exhibit Flasal Hussain

We invite you to join us in a roundtable discussion about the intersections of Art, Community and Suspicion. Contributors include artist Faisal Hussain, Prof. Imran Awan (BCU) and Arron Gill (GAP Arts Project, Birmingham).

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About this event  

This event show-cases the work of Birmingham Artist Faisal Hussain, which we present in an online walk-through exhibition – see  The work asks provocative questions about radicalization, extremism, terrorism and governmental interventions; moreover, it considers how communities face prejudice and discrimination. Faisal's work addresses the management of identity and the effects on an individual’s sense of belonging.

We invite you to visit the exhibition and then join us in a discussion that will bring together 3 speakers: Faisal Hussain will speak of the inspirations and intentions of his work; Prof Imran Awan (BCU) will consider Hate Speech and the UK government’s counter-terrorism initiative the Prevent Duty; and Arron Gill of the GAP Arts Project will draw upon his experiences of community engagement.