Frontiers: Marc Ainger

Frontiers: Marc Ainger

Frontiers Series

Date and time
09 Nov 2018 (5:30pm)

The Lab, Royal Birmingham Conservatoire

200 Jennens Road, B4 7XR


£8 (£6)

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Ann Stimson (flute) and Marc Ainger (composer and laptop performer) present a concert of music that extends the flute into the sound world of the acousmatic; music with video; and purely acousmatic music.

‘Sultry, smart-alecky flute and voice parts were refried by Ainger’s machinery – but with a refreshingly rough-hewn quality. Disjointed shifts in the sound spectrum were reminiscent of Godard’s jerky jump-cut approach to film editing – viewing events from different angles and different temporal attitudes. Pregnant pauses spilled into sudden densities, and the jumbled whole was graced with a sort of ironic suspense factor.’
Josef Woodward, Los Angeles Times

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