Creative Ensemble and Via Nova

Improvisation Festival: Creative Ensemble and Via Nova

Improvisation Festival

Date and time
13 Apr 2016 (8:30pm - 9:30pm)
To be announced.

£7 (£5)

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Director Daniel Galbreath

Contemporary classical music written by students and staff, to the life affirming joyous sounds of Abdullah Ibrahim.

All ensembles combine jazz and classical students and the evening involves two venues, one for formal listening, the other for our opening party.

Creative Ensemble comprises of performer-composers from the Conservatoire. The ensemble focuses on works by the members of the group. The musical output results from a combination of workshop, discussion and rehearsal. The ensemble strives to have the broadest possible ethos, consequently the works performed often encompass a broad range of approaches from the completely notated to the completely improvised and everything in between.

Via Nova, a contemporary music chamber choir directed by Daniel Galbreath, will perform alongside Percy Pursglove's Noise Choir. In this concert they will be collaborating with Pursglove and composers of the Jazz department in an innovative interdisciplinary project of new music for both jazz and choral improvisers.

Improvisation Festival

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