Teach AI to read handwriting

Teach AI to read handwriting
Date and time
05 Apr 2022 (3:00pm - 4:00pm)




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Our free taster session will show how you can transform your existing computing skills into a career in Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our expert academics will guide you through interactive AI programming examples, where you’ll get the chance to try using AI to solve real-life problems. Plus, find out what we offer on our MSc AI course. Join the session and take a step closer to your AI career!

What does this session offer?

During the activity, we will use AI to solve a core problem giving everyone the chance to try the programming activity; changing the code to improve their solution to a complex real life problem further.

We’ll use your computing skills to teach an AI system how to read handwriting. These same tools allow national postal services to function at scale and for criminals to be identified through handwritten notes. Transform your computer skills into a career in AI. Being able to use AI for understanding the complex world is a vital skill in industry and will lead to an exciting career.

Who should attend?

Anyone who has or will have completed an undergraduate degree in any discipline that would like to gain digital skills in AI. Or, if you are interested in seeing what options are available to study AI and how AI is being used across every industry to change the world.

Why should I attend?

The taster session is the first step in showing you how we teach AI in a way that has been specifically designed to support learners with no computational or mathematical background whilst making it relevant to your interests. We will discuss the course in detail and then look at an AI application that is taught on the programme to show how easily we can implement complex AI to challenging problems.

What can I expect from this session?

Our AI academic will introduce the course and discuss how it will prepare you for industry. You will gain experience taking part in an AI activity, as well as find out more about the course and have your questions answered.

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