Body of Work vs Body: Archived?

Body of Work vs Body: Archived?


Date and time
12 Mar 2021 (2:00pm - 4:00pm)




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Inspired by Julietta Singh's 'No Archive Will Restore You' (2018), a panel of junior and senior BCU academics discusses the genesis of their 'body of work' as one emerging from/against their bodies construed as fraught 'archives' of historical traumas, desires, and aspirations.

Reflecting on the radical transformation of everyday life under lockdown, the panellists will discuss themes such as the conditions of (female) work in the post-pandemic university, the role of academic activism, the politics of care, and the complex interplay between division and reproduction of labour.

Finally, how has the relationship between our body of work and our body as an archive changed? How do different disciplines (e.g. science, art, education) come to terms with this relationship?


Dr. Kate Thomas (BLSS)

Alexandra Standing (ADM)

Dr. Emma Craddock (HELS)

Rhiannon Lockley (HELS)

Prof. Kirsten Forkert (ADM)


Dr. Fadia Dakka (CSPACE)

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