Year 13 Law Competition: Amending the US Constitution for the 21st Century

Y13 Law Competition: Amending the US Constitution for the 21st Century
Date and time
03 Nov 2021

Curzon Building

4 Cardigan Street Birmingham B4 7BD United Kingdom

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Constitution Competition Event Image - US Flag and Constitution

The Centre for American Legal Studies at Birmingham City University (BCU) is inviting schools to submit a team of Y13 students to take part in a Law competition. Each team will take on the role of a delegate in a simulated American Constitutional Convention to propose an amendment to the US constitution.

They will take part in a debate and argue the legal and political implications of their proposal before a panel that will include a US Federal Appeal Court Judge. Support will be provided through a three week programme of online training from an academic tutor.

If your students are interested in studying Law at university, then this activity will;

  1. Introduce them to the history of U.S. Law and Legal systems.
  2. Develop their critical analysis, negotiating and debating skills, key for studying a law degree.
  3. Be evidence of engagement to include in their personal statement.
  4. Provide excellent network opportunities including the opportunity to learn from the experience of a US Federal Appeal Court Judge

For further information on this activity and how to submit a team, then please email

Applications will close on Friday 25th June. Successful applications will be informed the first week of July.