PhD Research Degrees

All full-time and part-time research students are guided through their individual programme of study by a team of supervisors.

The supervisory team will include a Director of Studies whose role it is to ensure that students are meeting targets and following the correct processes and systems for conducting research at this level. Students will also be supported by at least a second supervisor (and sometimes a third) who will have the expertise to provide guidance based on knowledge of your specific subject. At least one member of the Supervisory Team will have had previous experience of successful supervision to MPhil or PhD as appropriate. It can sometimes be useful to appoint an external advisor depending on the nature of your chosen project.

Discussions about the make up of the supervisory team include the research student to ensure that the fit between subject/student/supervisor is the right one.

All research students undertake regular reviews of their work and present ongoing work to the rest of the community in the research centre.

Students meet with their supervisors on a regular basis to review progress, take advice and work out plans of action to complete research and usually develop close working relationships over time.

The Supervisory Team

We have a group of active media researchers who provide supervision to research students. The research interests of the team are listed below and you can also see members of the team discussing their own work and the processes involved in academic research by clicking on the links below:

Professor Tim Wall

Research interests: Radio studies, popular music culture, digital cultures, jazz studies

Dr Simon Barber

Research interests: Popular music studies, music industries, digital cultures, jazz studies

Dr Inger Lise Bore

Research interests: Screen fiction, reality TV, fandom, media audiences

Dr Oliver Carter

Research interests: Cult film, fan practices and fan production

Professor Andrew Dubber

Research interests: New broadcast technologies, radio and music industries

Dr Nick Gebhardt

Research interests: American popular music, cultural theory of popular music, jazz studies

Dr Kirsten Forkert

Research interests: Media activism, the politics of austerity, cultural workers and the politics of cultural work and education

Dr Paul Long

Research interests: Media and cultural theory, cultural policy, representations of class and locality, urban culture and musical heritage

Dr John Mercer

Research interests: Gender and sexuality, film studies, film and television melodrama, the pornography debate

Dr Ayo Oyeleye

Research interests: International and development communication, diaspora media, globalisation and the media, media enterprise and the creative industries

Dr Dima Saber

Research interests: Citizen media for social change, Arab media, nationalism, political Islam and propaganda in the Arab world

Dr Nick Webber

Research interests: Cultural history, games culture

Research Topics

We are always interested in hearing from students with ideas for research and we can often find ways to help you to achieve your goal or provide advice. We encourage applications that are focussed around the research specialisms of our team of supervisors and there are also some specific areas that we welcome proposals in:

  • Radio studies
  • Digital cultures
  • Music cultures
  • Fandom
  • Film studies
  • Cultural policy
  • Gender and sexuality
  • Media for social change