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Level up - Andrea


I am from Romania and my advice to a new incoming student is to remember that these are the best years of your life and you should enjoy it.

Keep yourself occupied with the things that matters the most. Definitely try and get as many placements as you can because it will help you in the long run!

Stay focused and have fun!

Level Up - Eliana Medalie

Eliana Medalie

When I started the Media and Communications course I was convinced I was going to become a screenwriter. Within the first week or two I learnt this would no longer be the case. I found my calling in the music business. But recently I’ve also taken an interest in TV presenting and now I’m exploring whether I’d like to have a career on screen or off screen or BOTH!

In the beginning of second year, I made the decision to take the following year out, to gain experience in the music and television industries before I’d complete my final year and graduate. Since then, I’ve worked with BBC Radio1Xtra DJs, artists headlining their own shows at popular London venues, renowned artist managers, agents, A&Rs and promoters. I also worked for a few days at ITV! I’m looking forward to what the future holds for me. I plan on standing out in my field, whichever I choose!

Level Up - Ella Squire

Ella Squire

Animal lover, aspiring writer/copywriter/radio presenter/counsellor and an absolute coffee snob.

I’m the current Specialist Controller for Scratch Radio and have done work experience in both radio production and TV production areas, and worked as press/photographer at music events and festivals.

This is my second time as a mentor and I’m so excited to get started and meet everyone!

Emma Benningwood

Emma Benningwood

My professional interests and module choices are based around PR, Events, Music and Branding. My personal interests include puzzles, craft/knitting, music and sports (including rugby and American football).

My most recent work placement has been Game Day Manager and Media Manager for my local American football team, and my first year placement was a PR and Events internship in Tanzania, so I am happy to advise or share my experiences of doing work placements abroad or for not-for-profit organisations. I have experienced both living in university accommodation as well as living at home and doing a 20 mile commute.

Level Up - Inderpreet Kaur

Inderpreet Kaur

I am a hardworking and ambitious individual who enjoys everything creative! My interests include photography, blogging and dance. Throughout my time at BCU I have not only met some amazing friends, but I have learned many new skills and developed on my knowledge in the career I want to work within. 

In the future I would like to work in the Magazine Industry and eventually become an editor of a magazine. I have completed work experience at social media network ‘Crowd’ where I worked on design and marketing and I have also carried out work experience as a Media & Marketing Executive at a cyber-security company.

My advice for new incoming students would be to not be afraid to ask questions! This will not only allow you to learn about the area, the course and accommodation in the most practical way but it will also allow you to meet new people and gain confidence. Your lecturers, fellow students and of course, the Level Up team, will be happy to help, just ask!

Level Up - James Penders

James Penders

Films, Television, Music, Video Games and pretty much any media you can think of and I’m into it, I live for the world of media and why it sucks us in.

I’m big on making short films, music videos and podcasts, sharing my views and helping others achieve their own creative vision.

Currently Co-Producing a short film in Scotland!

Level Up - Kierren Horne

Kierren Horne 

Although I specialise and enjoy analysing television, I also have a personal interest in photography. My overall personal specialism is cinematography. Long term I’m looking into the role of director of photography. I’ve experience both producer and director roles for larger scale projects and have a fair experience in editing.

Separate to production I have a love for textual analysis. Analysing the smallest detail of a show or film. Due to this Edgar Wright would hands down be my favourite director.

I’m a self-confessed nerd, obsessed with the likes of the marvel universe, Dr Who and I’m also a massive horror junkie.

While being 22 and classed as a mature student I like to think I would be approachable to both younger students and other mature students as I’m aware sometimes the age gap can be daunting. I class myself as open and approachable as a rule and can comfortably hold a conversation with anyone.

Level Up - Kirsty Stober

Kirsty Stober

I specialise in PR and Events management and I spend a lot of my time getting involved with extracurricular activities such as BeatFreeks, live music and Eastside PR (the student PR agency). I moved to Birmingham from London because I wanted a change of scene and I have enjoyed the city despite the size difference. By graduation, I hope to be working a graduate scheme in either Film PR, a PR agency or in Events.

You can always find me at the broad street cinema, at a local social spot (especially if they have cocktails) or finding my next big break across town.

Level Up - Michelle Haywood

Michelle Haywood

A Black Country born cheerleader, passionate about binge-watching films and attending concerts. Although I am on the Media broad course my skills lie in the TV and Radio industry. I’ve participated in work experience at MADE TV as well as filming and editing a highlights video for Birmingham based festival Beyond the Tracks.

Advice I would give to an incoming student is to try not to be a hermit and say yes to new opportunities. When I arrived at BCU I was a fairly quiet girl and through societies, nights out and simply leaving my door open when I first moved in my confidence has grown and my uni experience has been one to remember.

Oh and pasta, cereal and pot noodles will become essential in halls, stock up.

Level Up - Trushna Zena Parekh

Trushna Zena Parekh 

Advice I would give to new students is be yourself, don’t be afraid to make friends and most importantly be organised and plan, there’s is nothing worse than leaving your work till the last minute and having to stay up all night. 

I have a lot of interests, including listening to current music, watching period dramas and going to the theatre. What I love most about BCU is that I have made (and still am making) new friends, and as Birmingham is so diverse, there are a lot of concert venues which I can go to with them, which is a bonus!

Personal Tutor

Every student at the School is allocated a personal tutor during the first few weeks at University. The personal tutor will be a member of your teaching team who can be approached for personal and professional advice during your time at Birmingham City University. Timetabled one-to-ones with them are integrated into every term and, of course, you are more than welcome to approach any of the team if you have a question or worries. If you are unsure who your personal tutor is please speak to your lead tutor.