The Universal Periodic Review Project

CHR Consultancy provides advice, document drafting and alliance building services within the Universal Periodic Review Presession, before the Member State UPR in the Human Rights Council in Geneva.

Centre for Human Rights Universal Periodic Review Image 2 350x263 - Jon Yorke and students at the UN

The UPR presession is organised by the NGO, UPRinfo, and brings together Permanent Missions, national human rights institutions and civil society organisations to discuss the key human rights issues in the member states to be considered in the UPR.

It seeks to identify stakeholder needs within individual member states to help ensure that stakeholder issues and the claimed human rights violations, are adequately reported to the Presession to help inform the UPR in the Human Rights Council.

We are in the process of collating information to submit stakeholder reports in the Universal Periodic Review for the following countries:

  • United Kingdom - focusing on mental health services in prisons

  • United States - reviewing the death penalty and death row prison conditions

  • Sudan - investigating access to justice, women and children’s rights, freedom of religion and the death penalty

  • Ghana – focusing on the protection of the right to education

  • The Gambia – documenting the failure to protect the rights of the human rights defenders

  • Sierra Leone – safeguarding women and children’s rights, access to healthcare and access to justice

CHR Consultancy is available to discuss capacity building in individual countries for stakeholder reports to inform the UPR in the Human Rights Council.