UK Environmental Law Association

A Centre for Human Rights Consultancy member is the assistant vice chair of UKELA, whose membership comprises mainly legal practitioners, consultants and academics.

Centre for Human Rights Environmental Law Page Image 350x263 - Hedge HammerAs part of its wide remit it pays close attention to the relationship between environmental law and human rights, particularly since the publication of the International Bar Association’s report on this subject in 2015, and the increasing number of climate litigation cases which often stress the effect of climate change on the human rights of the vulnerable

A key example is the Our Children’s Trust litigation in Oregon, in which world-renowned climate scientist Dr. James Hansen, acting as guardian for future generations, and twenty-one youths aged between 8-19 filed a landmark constitutional climate change lawsuit against the US federal government in the U.S. District Court for the District of Oregon. The plaintiffs argued that the federal government was contributing to climate change in an extent that violated the youngest generation’s constitutional rights. The youth have demonstrated standing and so the case will go to trial.      

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