The Florida Death Penalty Project

The Centre for Human Rights and the Centre for American Legal Studies work closely with the Eighth Amendment Project and Florida Center for Capital Representation at Florida International University’s College of Law (FCCR) to support defence attorneys representing defendants facing the death penalty in Florida.

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FCCR provides free case-consultation and litigation-support services, as well as capital-litigation training programs, to defence attorneys and mitigation specialists across the State. With a strong emphasis on developing mitigation to obtain death penalty waivers and pleas, FCCR seeks to train and assist capital defence teams in resolving cases short of a death sentence.

The FCCR offers consultation services and direct assistance in the capital judicial process in areas such as:

  • Mitigation and Litigation
  • Plea negotiation
  • Voir Dire strategies
  • Motion advice
  • Jury instructions
  • Mental health and other clinical issues
  • Referrals to appropriate experts
  • Capital litigation training

In conjunction with the Law School’s module, American Legal Practice, FCCR takes Birmingham City University students as summer interns to work on capital cases in Florida. The students work with the capital defence attorneys to analyse documents to identify cogent evidence, analyse discovery issues, formulate mitigation strategies and investigations, interview clients, witness, and jurors, conduct legal research and help draft pleadings. The student’s work will significantly impact on the client’s case to help save them from the death penalty.

For more information on FCCR, visit their website.