The Alliance for International Development, Education and Research

CHR Consultancy members provide advice, reports and educative training for the Alliance for International Development, Education and Research (AIDER), which was founded by Birmingham City University alumnus and PhD candidate Mr. Lamin Deffeh.

Centre for Human Rights AIDER Page Image 350x263 - Hand holding a globe AIDER is an international consortium of consultants from law, politics, business, economics and international development that specialises in providing research, policy analysis with expertise in supporting investors, organisations, civil society groups and individuals. AIDER focus on Africa in the furtherance of international development, internal infrastructure and logistics, and research and education.

AIDER provides advice to companies, organisations and individual clients in capacity building to meet the challenges of a global/glocal world. AIDER Services include:

  • A tailored service on business start-up, planning, meeting economic challenges and the navigation of related legal issues
  • Support and guidance on international relations, legislative drafting, charity and NGO management and sustainability
  • Research, online courses and training
  • Information on building construction, irrigation and installation of solar panels to provider water and electricity 

AIDER are in partnership with recognised and experienced business experts, law and accountancy firms, to ensure that their clients receive accurate advice and guidance through all steps of the domestic and international regulatory regimes in a manner that is efficient and effective from a business standpoint.

For more information on AIDER, see their website.