Welcome to my Workspace: Jeremy Hobbins

Jeremy is the Head of Horology at the School of Jewellery. When working from home, he likes his more traditional home office set up surrounded by clocks and sentimental items, complete with a window to watch the world go by. 

Jeremy Hobbins seated at his desk

My home workspace is… a desk I inherited from my Mum which sits in the front window of my sitting room, overlooking the road and rather bare trees currently. In warmer times the tree is in full leaf and bears limes. In the afternoon, the sun streams in through the window and kids walk past on their way back from the school down the road.

My favourite thing about my workspace is… the ‘old fashioned’ feel I’ve created. This aspect of Horology is what drew me to the subject initially, all antiques and connections with the past, but I fully embrace the modern advances in the subject and enjoy introducing and discussing all aspects of the subject with my students.

My workspace companions are… a little clockwork toy of the character Cogsworth from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. My own kids loved that movie and I watched it countless times with them as they grew up. He is a cheerful character and reminds me of fun times.

While working, I like to listen to… normally just the sound of me thumping on the keyboard as I am a heavy two-finger typist! The passing traffic can interrupt the occasional contemplative moment, but I’m in a lot of Teams meetings and calls so there’s not much time for music. I currently have 6 clocks in the same room, not all running, but some strike the hours and amuse people in online meetings.

Since working from home, I’ve discovered… how important face to face contact with people is, especially students. There is no substitute for hands-on teaching in such a practical discipline. Amazingly I snack less when working from home, mainly due to my talented colleagues bringing in cakes and biscuits that are just not around at home, I miss that. We should make time for cake!

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