Michela Ferraro

MA Luxury Jewellery Management

Could you tell us about what you do and how these feed into your course?

I’m a jewellery consultant, who provides support to the jewellery industry for design, new trends, product development, adoption of precious metal additive manufacturing, implementation of ethical, responsible and sustainable practices.

I started as a Jewellery Designer 30 years ago but professional opportunities offered me the possibility to work more on management side. I have been following start up projects in the Middle and Far East and those experiences, along with an increasing need of transparency, led me to complete an MBA to investigate how Luxury Jewellery Industry would adopt and improve innovation, responsible, ethical and sustainable processes.

What is the philosophy of your course? 

This course has a strong ethical and responsible approach. The luxury jewellery industry is in need to improve its operations and processes, increasing transparency, awareness and correct information.

If you had to name one thing about your course that makes it distinct, what would it be?


Why is Birmingham a good place to study/work?

Birmingham has the unique element of the Jewellery Quarter where the School of Jewellery is located. Birmingham is a vibrant multicultural city where everyone feels welcome. It is an hour and a half away from London via train and it has an international airport with flights to the major cities in Europe and worldwide.

Why do you believe it’s important to study an MA and why might students want to study your course?

I do believe it’s important to study a MA because if luxury jewellery is your passion it offers the exclusive opportunity to investigate this industry in its specific and unique aspects, management and operations processes.

Where will the students be based in their time here and what will their learning environment be?

The course will be mainly based at the School of Jewellery where the students will have the opportunity to be part of the PG community sharing experiences and facilities.

What can students do to help prepare them for the course?

You can start to explore, in any aspects, the websites of luxury jewellery brands, with a critical attitude: this will become a good base for further investigations.

What’s the favourite element about working at the School of Jewellery?

The team!