In-Person BCU English Proficiency Test

Thank you for your interest in taking the BCU English Proficiency Test (BCU EPT).

This test will take place at Birmingham City Centre Campus. View map and directions. The exact test room location will be shared with you one week before the test date.

The BCU English Proficiency Test is used to assess your English language ability in the four skills of listening, reading, writing and speaking. Each part of the test is designed to activate the language skills you will need to begin a course of study at Birmingham City University, and it will report on your current level in each skill. 

There is no single pass mark for everyone because different courses at the university will require you to achieve a different level in the test. The test can be used as evidence of English language ability for the majority of undergraduate or postgraduate courses at BCU.

For further information about the test and to see practice tests, please see the BCU EPT Test Guidelines further down the page.

Please note:

  • The test registration closes 9 days before the test date or when the test is fully booked, whichever comes first.
  • You will need to agree to the BCU EPT Test Rules and agree to your Speaking test being recorded to complete your test booking.
  • One week before the test date, you will receive an email with further information about the test, including exact test location.
  • Each candidate is allowed to sit two tests only in one calendar month. A refund will be arranged if a third test is booked by mistake.
  • We aim to issue test results within 10 working days of completion of the test.
  • If you have any questions about the BCU EPT, please contact the team at
BCU EPT Reasonable Adjustments:

If you have a disability, specific learning difficulty, long-term medical condition, or a mental health difficulty, we may be able to offer you reasonable adjustments for the test, whether it is our online test or our in-person test.

If you are interested in taking the BCU English Proficiency Test, and wish to apply for reasonable adjustments, please email us at least six weeks before you wish to sit the test at

You will need to provide us with details of your disability or condition and any support you have previously needed. You will also need to provide us with medical evidence that explains your disability or condition, such as a letter from a qualified medical professional or diagnostic assessment report.

BCU EPT Test Rules

BCU EPT Refund Policy

BCU EPT Test Guidelines

BCU EPT Practice Tests
BCU EPT Sample Test – Writing
BCU EPT Sample Test – Speaking

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