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Human Mind and Society

Psychology student working

Course Aims

In the Human Mind and Society course, you will explore fundamental concepts of psychology, sociology and criminology. It covers the relationship between psychological processes and how these processes enable the understanding of society and crime.

What will you study?

This course will give you an insight into how the human mind and psychological processes interact with society and crime. In three weeks, you explore how psychology, sociology and criminology study and investigate the relationship between human mind and the social environment and you will have the chance to observe how social scientists and psychologists empirically examine human psychological processes and behaviour. This is a course that will employ an interactive learning approach where you will learn how social sciences theory and research is being applied to everyday problems.

Additional information

Academic Status: Non-credit bearing
Business, Law and Social Sciences
22 July to 9 August 2019 (three weeks)
City Centre Campus (The Curzon Building)
English language requirement:
IELTS 5.5 or equivalent
Academic Pre-requisites:
Level 4 or equivalent