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Natasha Charlwood - Sport and Exercise Nutrition

Hi! I’m Natasha and I’ve just finished the first year of BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Nutrition. Preparing to start uni is really exciting, but can be overwhelming too. I've shared my advice and tips to make your transition to uni life as smooth as possible and hopefully ease any anxieties you might have.

What’s the best discovery you’ve made since starting the university?

Cooking with a broader range of fresh foods and spices. Before attending university, I thought I was an okay cook and although the course does not focus on cooking skills, it encourages more variety. Academically I have learnt that the more you read and learn the more you question everything. The field and the university are continually producing new evidence and that is exciting in so many ways to be part of.

What’s your favourite thing about BCU?

The imaginative ways the course is delivered, with variations of lectures, seminars, and practical classes. It gives everyone a chance to learn in a way that suits their needs, but it also pushes you try new things that are all relevant skills for university and beyond. The staff are extremely passionate in their subject areas and helpful. 

What do you love about Birmingham?

There is a wide range of things you can do in Birmingham, from quirky eateries, to shopping and visiting art galleries. There seems to be something for everyone. I enjoy both the hustle and bustle of the city centre, and a nice walk in the local country parks and gardens.

What are your top tips for students starting your course?

Immerse yourself into the whole experience, the staff and tutors work hard to give you many opportunities so take them! Use assignments to learn something new or develop something you are interested in. Look at assignments as if you have set them not a tutor, and you get a lot more from them. No question is stupid question – use your peers and tutors if you are unsure of something or just curious about something you have heard in a lecture.

What didn’t you know before starting your course?

To answer that in short, A LOT. I have always been interested in science and sports, but I used first year to build on the foundations that will help me throughout my three years and beyond graduation. Not only do the modules allow you to learn the fundamental building blocks but you also have access to a wide range of resources.

What are your university essentials?

A diary/planner – this really helped me keep on top of my work, deadlines, and essential reading. A coffee cup – I love coffee, and when I finish the one I brought in with me, I hop along to Starbucks or Costa on site and get another (student rates).