Inspired Staff: Why I got into sport

"Great satisfaction in watching an athlete achieve their goals"

"I’ve always been interested in sport from an early age and vividly remember watching Linford Christie win the Gold medal in the men’s 100m at the Barcelona Olympics in 1992. Little did I know that 20 years later I’d have the opportunity to work as part of the anti-doping team at the Olympic Games in London 2012! As a registered sport and exercise nutritionist, I have been fortunate to provide nutrition support to a variety of elite athletes and teams and gain a great deal of personal satisfaction from helping an athlete achieve their goals. The discipline of sport and exercise nutrition is very contemporary and it’s very exciting to work and study on the cutting-edge of science to help influence future practice."

Matthew Cole, Course Leader for Sport and Exercise Nutrition

"I always preferred learning by doing"

"Personally, I always preferred learning by doing. I enjoyed practical subjects where was applied into practice. When I first found my interest in , I initially envisaged myself as a sports coach, so I completed the necessary qualifications and coached for three years. However, I decided I needed more challenge and went further with my academic qualifications. I completed a PGCE and went on to teach P.E at both primary and secondary level. 

The way in which the degree I lead has been written allows you to gain experience of both coaching and teaching, meaning you can make a well-informed career decision at the end of your three-year programme. Good luck and I look forward to seeing you in September."

Irfan Khawaja, Course Leader for Physical Education and School Sport

"I combined my interest in human anatomy, injury and sport"

"As a young child, I always had an interest in pursuing a medical career. I was fascinated by injury and illness, and as a keen swimmer and cricketer growing up, I developed Osgood-Schlatter's disease – a common condition in teenagers involved in high levels of activity and sport. While becoming inquisitive of the condition and human skeletal anatomy, I also became intrigued by the medical staff that would run on the field of play and assist injured athletes. So, I decided to combine my interest in human anatomy, injury and illness, with that of sport, and decided a career in the Sports Medicine environment was for me." 

Peter Thain, Course Leader for Sports Therapy