Stuart Vallance

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Lecturer in Paramedic Science

School of Health Sciences

I have been working for Birmingham City University as a Lecturer since January 2021 after a 22 year career in the NHS Ambulance Services.

I started my NHS career in 1998 working as an Ambulance Care Assistant on the Patient Transport Service (PTS) for the then Staffordshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust.

Prior to joining the NHS, I had completed years of first aid and medical training on a voluntary basis with St John Ambulance. At the age of 16 years old I took on more ambulance aid training, allowing me to work on the unit’s ambulance, covering events providing ambulance cover.

I was trained to use and provide defibrillation Care for Cardiac arrest patients, which would further enhance my clinical experience, leading me to undertaking more events as a volunteer ambulance crew.

With these new learnt skills, I volunteered at the first-ever V concert at Western Park, providing ambulance care working with doctors and medics from across the UK. I also supported Staffordshire Ambulance Service at peak times, helping frontline paramedic crews respond to 999 calls, treating and transporting patients to hospital.

Following years of volunteering I took my next steps in clinical training and qualified as Ambulance Technicians, working on Emergency Operations from Lichfield Ambulance Station in Staffordshire, and then qualified as a Paramedic in 2005.

In the following years I was promoted to Education and Training Officers for the West Midlands Ambulance Service University Foundation Trust, and for the next eleven years I taught clinical and education disciplines together with emergency driving.

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