Dr Bisola Biobaku-Mutingwende

Bisola staff profile

Lecturer in Biomedical Engineering

School of Health Sciences
0121 202 2389

Dr. Bisola Mutingwende is Lecturer on and Deputy Course Lead for the Biomedical Engineering course within the department of Life Sciences in the Faculty of Health, Education and Life Sciences (HELS). As a BCU Alumni, she completed her PhD in Biomedical Engineering and Healthcare Technology and first degree in BSc. Engineering Product Design specialising in healthcare technology (then called UCE). In between these, Bisola completed her MSc. in Advanced Mechanical Engineering focusing on surgical fixation techniques, at the University of Warwick.

Bisola’s area of expertise within the field of biomedical engineering involves collaborating and partnering with healthcare professionals, engineers, computer scientists and information technologists with the aim of creating innovative ways of implementing technology in the field of healthcare. Thus having a positive impact on professional practice and patient care.

Prior to her current role as Lecturer in Biomedical Engineering in the Department of Life Sciences (HELS), Bisola was Assistant Lecturer in the School of Engineering at the Centre for Engineering and the Built Environment (CEBE). This experience feeds into the Cross-Faculty Programme Co-ordinator aspect of her current role.

Bisola also has over a decade’s industrial experience having worked in the area of mechanical and electrical engineering design within the rail transportation, building services and clinical rehabilitation sectors. Bisola’s experience in the practical applications of the latest engineering technologies and processes in various fields allows for an amalgamation of knowledge and skills enabling the generation of novel solutions to challenges in Healthcare, especially in the multidisciplinary field of Biomedical Engineering.

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