MSc Physiotherapy students visit Marie Curie Hospice

Our MSc Physiotherapy students recently had the opportunity to experience what it’s like to work with the great team at Marie Curie.

The reason behind the visit came as the role of Physiotherapists in the management of patients with long term, life limiting or palliative conditions is often not understood. To understand this more, students have had teaching on this as part of the course from a specialist Physiotherapist. There is also often a stigma around end of life care, which we try to encourage students to tackle. Jodie Bryant, course lead for MSc Physiotherapy visited Marie Curie Hospice to discuss student placements and was so impressed by the staff and facilities that she wanted the students to experience the same in the hope to best prepare them for clinical practice. We caught up with student, Lara Manton on how she found the experience.

“Death and dying is something we all naturally want to avoid talking, or even thinking about. When told we were going to visit the Marie Curie Hospice, I was initially very dubious. Being faced with my own mortality and meeting those that are dealing with death on a daily basis was something I was quite nervous about.

On arrival I was surprised by how beautiful the building looked. Walking into reception there was an instant sense of calm and serenity. The café was appealing, and every window seemed to show a different aspect of the stunning gardens. I found myself conflicted between my own misconceptions and what I was witnessing.

Cheryl welcomed us and she and all the staff were warm, compassionate and professional. They explained that this was a place full of life. It wasn’t a place to die, it was a place for living as best you can until the moment of death. The place was filled with love and dignity. It was a juxtaposition of what I had initially perceived a hospice to be. I came out of the experience feeling both overwhelmed with love and admiration for all that worked at this incredible place and with less fear for what the future holds inevitably for all of us. I am incredibly humbled by those that work here and hope that I may be lucky enough to work for such an empowering facility in my future career.”

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