Laura Garbett

Operating Department Practice Lecturer

Laura originally spent three years studying law, but after realising that it wasn’t for her, she stumbled across a new career in operating department practice. The change wasn’t easy and she had to overcome both academic and financial challenges as part of being a mature student. She knew the challenges would be worth it and is now a lecturer at BCU.

“I absolutely always knew that I wanted to go to university, however I only made it to BCU the second time around. This was because prior to undertaking my DipHE Operating Department Practice at BCU, I embarked upon a legal pathway. This resulted in me spending three years studying law and successfully graduated with a second class honours degree. Whilst I will always be proud to have achieved such a degree, the legal world was not for me.

It was whilst I was researching health careers, specifically surgery related (always loved the Operation game as a child!) I stumbled across operating department practice (ODP) and instantly, I knew that this was where I belonged. Once I had made my mind up that I wanted to be an ODP, there was only one institute for me and that was BCU.

However, I had both academic and financial challenges. My A Levels were in Law, Psychology and Politics, so I didn’t have any health related qualifications. Whilst academically I couldn’t overcome this, I spent a year as a theatre support assistant prior to applying for my DipHE ODP. This allowed me to show my understanding and commitment to a career in ODP and I was successful at interview, much to my delight. I was also a “mature” applicant and had already had student loans for my first degree, so finances were difficult. Fortunately, I was lucky enough to be supported by my family, whilst maintaining a shift or two a week within theatres as a support worker.

Since being a student at BCU, I have flourished! Once quite a shy and timid individual, I am now confident and outgoing and I believe that anything is possible. BCU is like a little family, both as a student and now a lecturer, I felt welcomed and supported by my peers from the get-go.

My proudest accomplishment is definitely graduation day! It wasn’t just my proudest moment at BCU but the proudest moment of my life. It had been two years of hard work, mixed emotions, doubt at times but I was determined and I made it! Thanks to the amazing team at BCU I was an ODP and in the short time I have been qualified, I have held Band 5 and Band 6 posts both within and outside of theatre. More recently I have had the massive pleasure of returning to BCU as a lecturer too. I’m super proud of my achievements but even more proud to be part of an amazing team teaching and shaping the future of ODP.

In short, ‘I AM BCU’ means everything to me. It means dreaming big, rising to any challenges which we may face with the support of our friends, colleagues and wider BCU community. It’s about believing, flourishing and becoming the person we always dreamt of. With BCU, anything is possible!”

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