Professor Ros Keeton Inaugural Lecture

Professor Ros Keeton Chief Executive

Birmingham Women's NHS Foundation Trust

Professor Keeton is an experienced Chief Executive who combines a clinical background with substantial management experience from a wide range of healthcare settings.

Between 1993 and 2003 Professor Keeton held a range of posts at Director level, including lead roles focusing on clinical quality and research and development. In 2003 she was appointed as a Chief Executive of a specialist partnership Trust offering mental health, learning disabilities, substance misuse and health and social care services. Professor Keeton joined the Board of Birmingham Women’s NHS Foundation Trust in September 2011.

Professor Keeton contributes extensively to her professional association. She has served on the Board of the Central Counties Branch of the British Dental Association. Professor Keeton is also the Honorary Treasurer and a Trustee of the BDA Benevolent Fund.

Professor Keeton has recently been appointed as a Visiting Professor for the Faculty of Health at Birmingham City University.

Helping Relationships

Members of the public are being encouraged to lessen their reliance on traditional health care. Providing health information and empowering patients is expected to encourage people to participate more actively in their own health care and to take responsibility for their own health related decisions.

The idea that most people want to be empowered is open to question. Do patients want to have control of their healthcare? Does improved access to health information empower patients and do empowered patients take better care of their health?