Meet the student team

Priyal Raje, School of Fashion and Textiles

Piryal Raje

I am a menswear designer, currently pursuing my MA in Fashion Design and Textiles. Working in such a fast paced section of the fashion industry, and working with leading retailers, has led me to the realisation that I do not want to contribute to the un-sustainable practices that are used in fashion. Hence, I want to spread awareness of these problems, particularly amongst the growing designers, as they are the future of it all, as are projects like SH:IFT. Also, I am a successful 9-weeks vegetarian now, cutting down on my carbon footprint.


Dharsha Ashok, School of Fashion and Textiles

Dharsha Ashok

I am a fashion designer currently pursuing MA Textiles and Surface Design at BCU. I am part of SH:IFT because I want to help educate students and future designers about the other side of fashion, the side that needs rethinking.




Jessica Johnson, School of Fashion and Textiles

Jessica Johnson

I got involved in SH:IFT as a result of my dissertation, which made me aware of the huge lack of transparency in the fashion industry and how the negative environmental and social impacts are often ignored for profit. Despite the scale of these issues, they are not discussed as much as they need to be, and so we must start the conversation and the influence change the industry need.



Isabelle Eaton, School of Fashion and Textiles

Isabelle Eaton

I am a third year Fashion Business and Promotion student. I have just completed my dissertation where I investigated activism in the fashion industry, and I am about to start my IMP which is going to be based on eco-tourism. I am a huge animal lover and last summer went to Kefalonia to take part in a turtle conservation programme!! My passions also include sustainability and conservation, which is a field that I hope to go into as a future career path as well as a possible field of study for a Master degree.


Kerry Stevenson, School of Fashion and Textiles

Kerry Stevenson

Currently a third year Fashion Business and Promotion student, with a flair for creativity. The course has allowed me to carry through my skills on Adobe software, Worked on many graphic design projects outside of University for start-up businesses, hoping to carry this on upon graduating this year..