Conference themes

Image credit: Patrick Hartley

Theme to consider when submitting work:

Invigorate & Activate

  • The new fashion activism
  • How can fashion activism influence politics
  • Social consciousness in the fashion media
  • Diversity and inclusivity fashioning the future of wearable design
  • Fashion identity and the positive influence of subcultures

Image credit: Katie Jones

Theme to consider when submitting work:

Rethink & Engineer

  • Consumer tribes and new consumer behaviour
  • Corporate social responsibility and transparency in business
  • Modern business stories
  • Systems for sustainability in design led business
  • Enhanced local sourcing
  • Independent initiatives and entrepreneurship in business models


Image credit: Emma Shipley

Theme to consider when submitting work:

Invent & Innovate

  • Technological innovation in fashion and textiles
  • Technology versus sustainability and morality
  • Considered design
  • Fashioned from nature through science
  • Fashioning futures
  • Innovative materials

Image credit: Marriyah Hussein 

Theme to consider when submitting work:


  • Tools and methods to promote sustainable design practice
  • Environmental biodiversity
  • Craft or luxury as sustainable practice
  • Repurpose, resell and upcycle – the new approach to sustainability
  • Slow fashion
  • Compromising sustainability for value