How I completed my degree virtually

BA Fashion Business and Promotion student Zoe Bird reveals how she worked through the pandemic.

Zoe Bird
BA Fashion Business and Promotion Graduate

"When I started my Fashion Business and Promotion degree back in 2017, I never for one second thought that I would be ending my time at BCU through my laptop screen."

Although our end of year celebrations commenced quite differently, the teaching of my final module remained structured and consistent, despite being taught through pre-recorded seminars. All staff members teaching the self promotion module adapted accordingly to see our year group through to the end.

One of the main aspects of teaching online that I found most helpful, was the ability to share ideas and feedback between like-minded members of my year group. Sharing ideas on software, contacts and brands, reminded me that I wasn’t alone when jobs seeking during these uncertain times.

Sharing experiences between peers became a helpful way to remain focused and productive as this became the only time I would speak to someone going through a similar situation.

To be honest, like many other people, I was quite nervous about communicating with my tutors over video chat, as it all felt strange in the beginning, but I found the more involved I got in the conversation, the easier the process became.

I felt as if my whole university experience could have been online and it wouldn’t have affected my learning. The allocated time that I was given with my tutor wasn’t rushed or interrupted but helped me to stay punctual and meet weekly deadlines.

A Little Inquisitive

For my final year project I created an educational subscription concept named A Little Inquisitive. The brand allows parents to subscribe to an alternative educational service, available through a monthly package aimed at 3-6 year olds. 

The concept is heavily inspired by alternative methods such as forest schools, Montessori and Loose parts theory, which primarily focus on independence and imagination within early years. The overall concept of A Little Inquisitive is to create change within the UK curriculum by providing innovation.  

To any undergraduate students looking to start university in September, the advice I would give in terms of online teaching, would be to remain positive about the situation and to use the support from tutors wherever possible, just because they aren’t physically there to support you, doesn’t mean they aren’t there at all.