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13 thoughts every student has in an exam

You’ve (hopefully) been revising properly, avoided Netflix like the plague and reduced your social life to a shadow of its former self, all so you can ace your upcoming exams. Though no matter how much prep you do, the thought of being in the exam room still gives you a borderline panic attack.

13 thoughts every student has in an exam

Do any of these exam thoughts sound familiar? Don't worry, everyone has these kind of experiences - make your exam experience more positive by following our tips.

1) I must cram until the last second!

You're holding on to the slim hope that those flashcards you made last night might actually save you in your time of need. Cramming is never a good idea, but if you have no other option, check out our cramming guide.

2) Please don’t let there be a wobbly table

"Why has this happened to me?"

Top Tip

The wobbly table is the ultimate slap in the face from fate. Be prepared and take a rubber into the exam with you to put under the table leg. Multi functional stationery is the best stationery.

3) Maybe I can get a head start…

The paper is in front of you and you’re waiting (for what feels like an eternity) for the exam to start. So you just end up staring at the paper to see if you can make out the first question.

Top Tip

Just make sure you don't touch the paper until you're told - some invigilators are stricter than others so it's best to play it safe.

4) Okay, question one… what?

"Wait. What the hell is this? Did we even learn this? Was I sick or something?"

Top Tip

If you're completely stumped, throw all the clever words you know at the page or (for a more sensible approach) just take a few minutes to think instead of panicking. This moment has been dawning for months so it might take some time to de-stress and let your brain work. 

5) Everyone else is writing

"I should definitely be writing. Did someone just ask for more paper?"

Top Tip

Don't panic! They could be waffling, or on a different question, or writing tiny heartfelt pleas to the examiner. Thinking about what to write is better than just writing anything.

6) At last, my brain has kicked in

"Three questions answered in a row without breaking a sweat. A* here I come."

Top Tip

Keep positive. If you're doing well on a question, think about that rather than the one's you're stuck on. 

Worried? Get alerts and advice.

Be prepared for Clearing with our Clearing guide and alerts about our available courses.

7) Things are going too well…

"On to the next question! I'm ready. It's definitely going to be something I revised - wait what did that word mean again?"

8) Moving swiftly on to question five

"I’ll come back to that one. I definitely won’t just skip it."

Top Tip

Skipping is a good idea for those little questions that are stumping you but make sure you take the time to think about those mark-heavy questions.

9) Is anyone else finding this really hard?

"Am I alone on my island of exam hell?"

You're not. You're definitely not. Hang in there.

10) Why is that person leaving?!

"Come back and suffer with me!"

11) Well, that was a fast hour

"My watch has to be broken." *Looks at wall clock* "No, it's actually slow."

Top Tip

Make sure you don't get into this situation! At the beginning of the exam, look through the entire paper so you know how many questions there are. This means you can avoid the shock of a long essay question on the final page. If you have run out of time and you're faced with an essay question, don't attempt to write the whole essay. Jot down some bullet points to salvage some marks.

12) This is fine. This is fine

"Proofreading is great when you only have 30 seconds to do it."

Top Tip

A lot of people forget to do this, but proofreading saves you from missing out questions, improves your answers and gives you another look at the questions. Make time for it!

13) Friends! Tell me your answers are the same!

"You put WHAT for question six?" *Proceeds to jam fingers in ears and run away*.

Don't spend days stressing over your answers - enjoy the Summer!

Want to make your exam room thoughts more positive? There’s still time. We’ve got revision tips and techniques to make your exam day less of an emotional rollercoaster. You can't be sure of what exactly will be in the exam but you can be sure that you'll meet some of these people in the exam room.

Worried? Don't be!

Worried? Don't be.

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