How to revise podcast

Looking for a bit of a boost to help you get through your revision? Our second year law students Katy and Georgia have shared some of their best advice in this podcast to help you survive exam season.

They've got top tips on where you can get the help you may need, as well as how you can use your smartphone to help you revise, and of course how to avoid it distracting you.

Exams and revision podcast

In the podcast, Katy and Georgia discuss:

Ways of kick-starting your revision (1.00)

Georgia says: “The most important thing you can do is make a weekly planner.” 

Striking the balance between exams, revision and day to day life (6.00)

Katy agrees with Georgia. “I love a planner!” 

Avoiding distraction (11.00)

This may be good for getting your washing done or keeping up with the fourth season of whatever on the telly, but Katy freely admits “I am the queen of procrastination!” 

Mindfulness and wellbeing (15.30) 

Georgia advises “Your mental health needs to be put first.” 

What to do when it’s all over? (21.20)

“Enjoy yourself!”

Worried? Don't be!

Worried? Don't be.

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