Enterprise Systems

At the heart of leading edge teaching is leading edge research – the two go hand in hand as without effectively taught students there are no good researchers, and without access to good research taught skills can become out of date – particularly in the ICT industry.

A core component of the Academy is a core of researchers that focus on areas of key interest for the large Enterprise Systems Management firms – particularly SAP in order to ensure research is as relevant and up to date as possible.

Researchers also act as teaching assistants on courses so that you can have access not only to the leading software but to how that software is used in industry and to the latest strategic thinking about how that software will develop over the course of your career.

The Enterprise Systems industry is one of the most dynamic of all information and communications technologies because it is both implemented and used by so many diverse types of people and job titles all across the world. The Academy currently conducts research into the following topics that are the key areas of interest for the ESM industry right now:

  • Systems Integration, Implementation and Consulting – the physical planning, design, analysis and implementation of a large scale system.
  • Visualisation / virtualisation – the use of portals to remove the user from the back-end (has a bearing on cloud computing) but also combined with the use of virtual environments (e.g. ERPSim) both as a teaching / training tool as well as a way of describing concepts to end users and particularly smaller firms.
  • Mobile / on-demand – the integration of mobile front-office with traditional back-office systems and the exporting of analytical tools to mobile devices so that mobile equipment isn’t merely a tool to send data back to a central location but is an interactive user of that data in its own right.
  • Cloud computing / software as a service – the impact of software as a service but combined with the backbone systems that are needed to host any large company, or the network of hosts needed to offer the same service to a network of smaller companies.
  • Performance / Smart Grid / Business Analysis – software as a tool to increase performance as well as increasing the performance / value/ of software itself.

There are places for PhD students for the above topics please contact Ardavan Amini : ardavan.amini@bcu.ac.uk.