Advanced Manufacturing and Materials

The Centre for Advanced Materials specialises in creating engineering solutions through the application of materials led design thinking and analysis. The Centre has considerable expertise in the analysis of materials requirements and the development of novel concepts that can meet challenging environmental and duty cycles.

Recent studies have included investigations into;
  • Performance improvements in woven hybrid carbon/kevlar through 3-D finite element analysis
  • Increased load capacity (+25 per cent) of ropes used in the offshore industry
  • Internal spray coatings for the repair of damaged underground pipe networks
  • Development of a novel replacement wrist and hip joints
  • Wear rate characterisation and prediction of high performance carbon-ceramic brake discs.


Your business can benefit from our:
  • Forensic investigation and failure analysis
  • Composite materials design and testing
  • Materials damage performance prediction
  • Materials evaluation and selection expertise

Through a variety of support funding programmes the Centre can provide access to its academic staff and facilities in support of industry’s ever challenging materials development needs.

Offshore Rope Performance Enhancement
Rope failure usually happens inside or very close to the termination due to high stress concentration at the joint. A new method of rope termination was developed to improve the load bearing capability of the structure by moving the high stress concentration from the joint to the middle of the rope. By adopting this new method of terminating ropes, they can carry 25 per cent higher loads and last for 40 per cent longer.

In collaboration with Bridon International

Performance Prediction of Intra Ply Woven Hybrid Carbon/Kevlar Composites
A study of three-dimensional finite element analysis with macro and micro blocks of a woven fabric unit cell in order to predict the linear elastic properties of the resulting composite structure. Results showed good agreement between meso-mechanical and numerical modelling on the different types of woven fabric unit cells..

In collaboration with P-D Interglas Technologies

Total Hip Joint Replacement Prosthesis
A combination of numerical stress analysis, in-vitro and in-vivo testing strategies used to identify stress concentrations, damage processes and prosthesis performance under dynamic loading conditions in the combined femoral shaft, stem, and the acetabular cup assembly prior to development and characterisation of the prosthesis.

In collaboration with Orthodynamics

Trenchless Repair of Sewage Pipes
A well-known method of pipe rehabilitation is undertaken by inserting a new pipe into the host damaged pipe. In this study a new Dynamic Mechanical Thermal Analysis technique (DMTA) was used to investigate the viscoelastic behaviour of the different polymers to achieve the most suitable material for the purpose of spray lining of the damaged pipe.

In collaboration with Gadmon Industries

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