Five skills you will gain from your degree

Are you intrigued to know what skills your Engineering degree will give you? Excited to unravel your potential? Then look no further!

Five skills you will gain from your ENG degree

When you start your Engineering degree, you'll enhance your industry knowledge, develop both personally and professionally and become an innovator for the future.

Not only that, here are the top five skills you’ll gain from your degree:
  1. Technical understanding
  2. Problem solving
  3. Commercial awareness
  4. Creativity
  5. Communication

Technical understanding

You'll be learning scientific disciplines in order to design new strategies, goods and devices for real life issues. You could be creating structures for buildings, vehicles, infrastructure and machines that have been damaged, or designing new concepts in order to be more environmentally sustainable. You’ll be taught by highly regarded academics who will allow you to implement your engineering specialist knowledge by putting your designs into practice within our state-of-the-art workshops and laboratories, allowing you to think like an engineer.

Problem solving

You'll learn to think for yourself and use your initiative when trying to find solutions to problems which are inevitable in engineering. The methodology behind this skill requires a high level of autonomy, self-discipline, resilience and rationality as you will have to trial, test-run, calculate, design and repeat until you find an adequate solution.

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Commercial awareness

This is where you’ll learn from industry experts out in the field, either through a summer internship or a sandwich placement year. You’ll be aware of any fluctuations in current industry trends and have the proficiency to make informed decisions enhancing your research and critical thinking. This will ensure you stand out from your fellow peers once you have graduated as you will be equipped with specialised knowledge and business acumen.


Studying Engineering at Birmingham City University, you will be involved with new developments within industry which means that this degree will allow you to be inventive and innovative in order to implement your new designs and ideas.


You'll use this skill in your day-to-day lives, as well as your studies. Through practical and theory based projects you will be collaboratively working in a team on a chosen task your tutor has assigned you. You’ll be working with a multitude of people from diverse and multicultural backgrounds which will lead to you listening, respecting and taking into consideration other people’s opinions, as well as talking in a clear and fluid manner.

You will be the students of today, shaping tomorrow’s problems.

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