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PGCE Student Tips

The learning

PGCE students in University

"The PGCE course is intensive, but I know this was the best way to prepare me for what teaching and my NQT year would be like. I have noticed that those that met the workload required are definitely more prepared and confident in meeting their NQT requirements. "
Lee, PGCE Secondary Drama

"You adapt your teaching and use what you've learnt in University to develop your skills and change the lives of children."
Luke, PGCE Primary and Early Years

"Always plan ahead but make sure at least one weekend day is dedicated to your planning if you can't do that. Keep your folders up to date every week and make sure you collect your evidence as you go along!"
Sabila, PGCE Secondary English

The staff and support available

"I was always told that my PGCE year was going to be stressful and the course is definitely living up to that! The support from tutors help make this experience worthwhile and they are always there if you need to ask a question or vent!”
Jennifer, PGCE Secondary Drama

"University tutors also support you throughout placement through emails and progress meetings between your host school, your University tutor and yourself.”
Luke, PGCE Primary and Early Years

PGCE Student Tips 2

School placements

PGCE Student Tips 3

"Both schools have really supported me and wanted me to do well in observations and academic work.”
Luke, PGCE Primary and Early Years

"In terms of behaviour management, don't worry too much - that comes with time. However, make sure you do start off firmly and set out your classroom rules. Explain them thoroughly and don't just state them because they are still students and everything needs to be clearly said, reiterated and reinforced, which was something I didn't always do at the beginning.”
Sabila, PGCE Secondary English

Beyond the PGCE...

"I secured a teaching post a local primary school after one application and one interview. However, I also want to further my studies in the near future with a Master's in Education.”
Luke, PGCE Primary and Early Years

"I'm in my NQT year and want to finish my Master's in Teaching and Learning before looking into training as a headteacher.

Lee, PGCE Secondary Drama

PGCE Student Tips 4

Final words of advice

PGCE Student Tips 5

"The best advice I can give is speak to your University mentor. If you are unsure, or your struggling let the tutor know because they can help you. Never bottle it up because it will effect you.”
Sabila, PGCE Secondary English

"Take advantage of all the support available, tutor support and library services and combine these with hard work and dedication. Unfortunately, good grades and careers are not handed to you on a plate. Hard work pays off!”
Luke, PGCE Primary and Early Years