The history of the School of Education

We have a long history going back to 1897, when the Anstey College of Physical Education was founded. Originally located at The Leasowes, it relocated to Erdington in 1907. Our roots are firmly embedded in the City of Birmingham College of Education, which was founded in 1948 and moved to Edgbaston in 1957, and the Bordesley College of Education, founded in 1963.

Anstey College specialised in training women PE teachers, Bordesley College offered teacher training to mature female students, while The City of Birmingham College offered primary and secondary teacher training.

The three Colleges became part of Birmingham Polytechnic in 1975, and were renamed The Centre for Teacher Education and Training (CTET), which had six departments. The art education, postgraduate and educational studies eventually rejoined the Art department at Margaret Street in 1981, while teaching departments at Anstey, Bordesley and Edgbaston became the Department of Undergraduate Teacher Training and Education in 1979.

A year later, it was renamed the Faculty of Education and Teacher Training (FETT) and had two departments, Curricular Studies and Postgraduate Teacher Training and Education Studies and Undergraduate Teacher Training.

In 1989, FETT became the Faculty of Education and in 2001 relocated to the Attwood Building in Perry Barr, now known as City North Campus.

In 2008, the Faculty of Education merged with the School of Law and the School of Social Sciences to become the Faculty of Education, Law and Social Sciences.

In 2014, the School of Education joined forced with the School of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Work, the School of Allied and Public Health Professions, the School of Health Sciences and the School of Defence Healthcare Education to become the Faculty of Health, Education and Life Sciences.