Irfan Yasin

Irfan Yasin

BSc (Hons) Multimedia Technology

Irfan must have impressed his tutors here at TEE - because it was one of them who recommended him for his first web development job.
So why this course?

It was our great facilities and wide-ranging course that first attracted Irfan, who hadn't decided where to specialise but wanted to broaden his skills set. "The course also had a business module, which gave a good overview of the media industry," he adds. Irfan sensibly backed this up with some good practical work experience, approaching local businesses during his course to produce advanced websites using the skills he was learning.

Skills that are just the job...

"I already had experience in creating static websites, so the main thing I learnt was creating dynamic database driven websites, which has helped greatly in finding a job," Irfan explains. "The video production modules were very useful, as the companies I have worked for specialise in film and web."

The future

He's currently working for a media company near Bromsgrove as a Web Developer. "I really enjoy working in the media industry and plan to continue gaining experience and improving my skills set and am hoping to set up my own media company in the next five years," says Irfan. Good luck to him!