Current Research Students

Research Students - School of Computing and Digital Technology

Student Programme Subject Area Director of Studies
Islah Ali-MacLachlan MPhil, Part Time Identification of stylistic features within Irish traditional flute playing Dr Jason Hockman
Muadh Al-Kalbani MPhil, Full Time Scene understanding for automated classifications of food items Dr Ian Williams
Dalia El Banna PhD, Full time Assessment of QoE of audio/video streaming over IP networks using flexilink: a proposed real-time Ethernet protocol for future internet Professor Cham Athwal
Michael Bickerton PhD, Part Time Bridging the gap between musicians and technology Professor Sharon Cox
Matthew Cheshire MPhil, Full Time The derivation of musical semantic descriptors via large scale capture of music production data Dr Ryan Stables
Alan Dolhasz PhD, Part Time Estimation of global and local scene properties for context-driven object insertion Dr Ian Williams
Sean Enderby PhD, Full Time Perceptual control of audio through harmonic excitation Professor Cham Athwal
Oluwaseyi Oginni PhD, Full Time To create a real-time, low latency network infrastructure using a software defined networking based approach Dr Peter Bull
Mathew Randall PhD, Part Time Supporting interaction between real and virtual content in visual effects using on-set previsualisation Professor Cham Athwal
Samuel Smith PhD, Full Time Optimal 3D surface detection using texture features Dr Ian Williams
Yangyang Song PhD, Full Time Design of a Wide Area QoS oriented network management protocol for real-time interactive video/audio transmission over Flexilink Leo Wang
Spyridon Stasis PhD, Full Time Development of perceptually relevant parameter spaces for dynamic range compression Dr Ryan Stables
Xueyang Wang PhD, Full time Non-negative matrix factorisation (NMF) based sound source separation using music informatics features. Dr Ryan Stables
Dominic Ward PhD, Full Time Application of auditory models and automatic music mixing systems Professor Cham Athwal
Xiangyu Zhu MPhil, Full Time Evaluation of hardware efficient filter designs for low-latency audio sigma-delta analogue to digital connections Leo Wang