Vocal and Operatic

Develop your skills under the expert guidance of an experienced vocal coach

If you are a singer, the opportunity to rehearse and ‘sing in’ repertoire under the guidance of an experienced vocal coach will be integral to your study; for this reason, coaching is integrated into your first study allocation.

Your specialised individual tuition will include coaching sessions, where you will work primarily on non-technical issues: presentation, communication with your audience and overall musicality.

Normally you will work with a song/language coach during the first stages of your study, progressing, if appropriate, to an experienced operatic coach who might also provide additional input on technical issues. Over and above this basic allocation, you will receive additional coaching as negotiated.

Among others, you will work extensively with our main vocal study accompanist Jonathan French, who plays for most song classes and student exams. Our student accompanists occasionally play for song classes as well, providing you with the opportunity to work collaboratively and, in some cases, form lasting working partnerships with your colleagues.