Benefit from expert tuition to hone your skills

In your first year you will normally have all your instrumental lessons with just one of our teaching staff. From the second year onwards, you will have some hours with at least one other member of staff, and by your fourth year you will be able to choose your teachers (though this may be subject to practical considerations).

If you play the French horn, trumpet or trombone you will have tuition from a specialist teacher on the baroque equivalent of your instrument.

Use extra elected hours to develop your individual interests

In addition to your principal study hours, you may elect to use a further five hours a year for associated studies. Here are some possibilities:

  • Trumpet lessons for cornet players (or vice versa)
  • Lessons on eg piccolo or Eflat trumpet, alto trombone etc.
  • Lessons with jazz department specialists
  • Alexander technique
  • Lessons on performance practice / performance anxiety

In this way you can tailor your studies to your own special interests and needs.

Take part in regular classes and rehearsals to give you advanced ensemble and performance skills

There are weekly orchestral repertoire classes, taken by a cross-section of staff with a wealth of orchestral experience. These classes teach the skills of advanced ensemble playing, focusing on details of balance and intonation, as well as matters of style.

Performance classes (every week for 3rd and 4th years, every other week for 1st and 2nd) provide the invaluable experience of public performance. A dedicated accompanist is provided, who will be available throughout your four years of study. These classes provide a thorough preparation for your Final Recital, which is a vital and integral part of the course.

The brass band rehearses twice every week.

Benefit from masterclasses with renowned musicians

Master classes with distinguished soloists, orchestral musicians, pedagogues and ensembles are a regular part of the programme.

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