Frontiers 2015: The Hour Glass

Frontiers 2015: The Hour Glass

Frontiers 2015

Date and time
23 Mar 2015 (7:30pm)
To be announced.

£5 (£3)

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An opera composed by Blanka Stachelek and Ignatius Sokol

The Hour Glass tells a story of a wise man, who converts his students away from their supernatural beliefs, and a fool who resists. It features an angel resolving the dilemma, making for an enigmatic finale.

It is a 45-minute chamber electro-acoustic opera rooted in the traditional narrative-based form of music theatre, with a Libretto based on the William Butler Yeats play of the same title.

By combining the spiritual, divine and innocent, you will be treated to an ambiguous and yet compelling imaginary landscape.

Frontiers 2015

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