RBC Theatre Company presents: The Haystack

RBC Theatre Company presents: The Haystack
Date and time
01 Dec 2021 (7:45pm)
02 Dec 2021 (2:30pm)
02 Dec 2021 (7:45pm)
03 Dec 2021 (7:45pm)
04 Dec 2021 (5:30pm)

Crescent Theatre (Studio)

Sheepcote Street, Birmingham, West Midlands B16 8AE


£13 (£10)

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The Haystack
Written by Al Blyth
An amateur production by kind permission of Nick Hern Books
Director Gari Jones

Neil and Zef are two twenty-something computer whizzes with questionable dress sense and a highly developed interest in video games and Netflix. They're also the UK's 'National Defence Information Security Team' – recruited by GCHQ for their sky-high IQs and ability to work quickly and discreetly, no questions asked.

With unfettered access to the world's data and infinite powers of electronic intrusion, these unlikely agents are essential cogs in the national security machine. But when their window onto intelligence operations shows them more than they were meant to see, they begin to question their roles in a system whose reach is unlimited but whose safeguards are not…

Al Blyth's play The Haystack is an explosive espionage thriller that challenges the idea that 'if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear', exploring how we can live freely when advances in technology outpace the law. It premiered at Hampstead Theatre, London, in 2020, in a production directed by Roxana Silbert.

Contains adult themes and sexual content