Medea by Euripides
Date and time
09 Jun 2021 (8:00pm - 9:20pm)
10 Jun 2021 (8:00pm - 9:20pm)
11 Jun 2021 (8:00pm - 9:20pm)
12 Jun 2021 (2:30pm - 3:50pm)
12 Jun 2021 (8:00pm - 9:20pm)


Cannon Hill Park Birmingham B12 9QH


£8 (£5)

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Medea by Euripides
Director Niall Phillips

Jason left. 

Medea struggles. 

A mother of twins in a Glasgow tenement, she knows she’ll get no reprieve. Not many do in Thatcher's Britain. 

But Medea won’t stand for the life she’s been handed.

Medea has a plan.