Frontiers 2015: Justin Wiggan's 'False Flag / True Mirror'

Frontiers 2015: Justin Wiggan's 'False Flag / True Mirror'

Frontiers 2015

Date and time
22 Mar 2015 (7:00pm)

Recital Hall, Royal Birmingham Conservatoire

200 Jennens Road, B4 7XR


£5 / £3

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“Phonically mining the pin point of paradox where new age systems of self-worth and improvement meet the harsh cash generating business creature of enforced self-confidence…”

False Flag / True Mirror is a residency at Birmingham Conservatoire investigating the modification of self-help tapes and playback by the use of reconstructed tape and block-baton bows. Starting as a workshop series, we will focus on the modification and usage of self-help tapes from the 1970s as a source material to comment on the effect, relevance and legacy these tapes have in today's society and to investigate the change of mind set from these time periods.

Student volunteers will be part of a creative research process looking at the context of source material and new ways of performing. They will also get experience in the modification of tape players and how to invent new instruments from existing redundant sources, in particular will be the block bow tape player which will be built specifically for this project.

The results will be performed in a 40 minute showcase at Frontiers Festival 2015.

Justin Wiggan is a sound artist/educator who is working in a variety of artistic guises such as roadside picnic.

His work has been shown both nationally and internationally and uses phonics, text, film, object changing and drawing to make interface solutions to creative and site/circumstance-specific problems. He was a finalist of the Jerwood Drawing Prize with critically acclaimed experimental Dreams of Tall Buildings with Darren Joyce, who were the first artists to submit a sound drawing.

His body of work engages to discover the links between the internal tourist and the external explorer and embraces a sense of evolution and eradication of a problem that goes way beyond cultural breakdown, addressing the problem with an end of a system through a practice which engages with the redevelopment of the sense of hearing as a learning tool and an awareness machine.

Justin was awarded the Arts Council England International Artists Scheme Funding for his new piece The Doberman Variations which is now an interactive book and the world’s largest download code. He started the ground-breaking and unique research project called Life Echo with Ikon Gallery and John Taylor Hospice, turning the memories of people at the end of their life into sound as a provision of care service, where he is Artist in Residence. He is currently writing a new book the haemorrhaging ape as a follow up to Of Bulls and Mathematicians.

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