Here To Thrive - Dru Yoga

Here to Thrive! Dru Yoga
Date and time
27 Jul 2019 (9:00am)

Royal Birmingham Conservatoire

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Early bird: £55 | after 1 July: £75 (CPD 6 points)

2 workshop choices and both talks are included in your ticket price.

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An inspiring day designed to uplift, re-energise and empower you to thrive in all areas of your life.

Dru Yoga's team of skilled and experienced speakers and tutors are all set to deliver this inspirational yoga, health and well-being event. Learn how to improve every aspect of your health, to live with less stress and increased happiness. It’s an event for everyone!


'Relax your way to better health through Yoga Nidra' with Nanna Coppens
'Toning Yoga (TOGA)' with Rhada Patel
'Outrageous Courage' with Monica Staniforth
'Transform Habits into Choices' with Louise Rowan
'Yoga and your Dosha Type' with Annie Jones
'Find Your Voice, Raise your Energy ' with Petra Opsteeg
'Meditation for Successful Living' with Nigel and Orina Murphy
'The Subtle Science of Longevity' with Chandra Goswami
'Yoga and Dance' with Kate Carter
'Yoga Therapy for Mental Health' with Sylvia Barrington (CPD level)

Inspirational talks

'Here to Thrive - not simply survive' with Radha Patel
‘Everything we do now changes the future’ with Louise Rowan and Annie Jones

9.00am  Registration
Welcome talk
10.15am - 11.45am   
Morning workshop
12.15pm - 12.45pm   
Inspirational talk: 'Here to Thrive - not simply survive'  with Radha Patel
2.15pm - 3.45pm   
Afternoon workshop (choices listed below)
4.15pm - 5pm   
Inspirational talk: ‘Everything we do now changes the future’  with Louise Rowan and Annie Jones