Orchestras, Ensembles and Chamber Music: Conservatoire Pops at the Movies

Orchestras, Ensembles and Chamber Music: Conservatoire Pops at the Movies

Orchestras, Ensembles and Chamber Music

Date and time
24 Apr 2015 (6:00pm)
To be announced.

£6.50 (£4)

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Tickets available on the door

Conductor Chris Houlding
Birmingham Conservatoire Pops Orchestra

Hooray for Hollywood Overture arr. John Williams  

Star Wars Main Title John Williams

Lord of the Rings The Fellowship of the Ring Howard Shore (arr. Nic Raine)

The Seahawk Main Theme Erich Korngold

Harry Potter: Goblet of Fire Hogwarts Hymn Patrick Doyle

2001 Space Odyssey Also Sprach/Blue Danube R / J. Strauss

Gladiator The Battle Hans Zimmer (arr. Nic Raine)

Avatar Main theme: I See You James Horner (orch. Cliff Bradley)

Apocalypse Now Ride of the Valkyries Richard Wagner

Sanctuary (world première) Ben Weatherill

Star Trek Into the Darkness Main Theme Michael Giancchino

How to Train Your Dragon Suite John Powell (orch. John Ashton-Thomas/Germaine Franco)

From the high seas to Hollywood and from outer space to virtual reality the Conservatoire Pops Orchestra presents a spectacular evening of film classics also featuring a world première composed by Conservatoire composition student, Ben Weatherill.

Experience the aural and visual splendour of a live symphony orchestra in full 'Hollywood' swing, delivering the 'force' of Star Wars, the breadth of Lord of the Rings to the infectious good humour of recent hits such as How to Train your Dragon.

Why not treat yourself and start the weekend by joining us for our early evening Film Spectacular?

The Conservatoire's programme of orchestral concerts provides a journey into large scale repertoire. Concerts feature soloists who are recent graduates, those studying in their final year or our postgraduates, and often highlight a particular composer or theme.

Chamber music also holds a special place within Birmingham Conservatoire and throughout our history we have had links with some of the finest musicians working in this field.