City of Sounds: Raising the Roof! Sutton Coldfield Choirs

City of Sounds: Raising the Roof! Sutton Coldfield Choirs

City of Sounds Festival

Date and time
18 Jun 2016 (7:30pm - 9:30pm)
To be announced.

£12 (£9)

Booking Information

Tickets available via Sutton Coldfield Choirs.

Choirs musical directors Richard Jeffries, Liz Birch and Helen Willetts

Sutton Coldfield Choirs:
Four Oaks Cluster Choir
(ages 9-13)
Sutton Coldfield Youth Voices (ages 13-18)
The Accidentals (ages 18+)

Enjoy an evening featuring a kaleidoscope of music from three stunning choirs, and a live accompanying orchestra.

You are guaranteed to be entertained by these award-winning groups, who have featured regularly in National and International competitions. Hear an eclectic mix of music, ranging from choral classics to modern arrangements of gospel, folk and musicals, accompanied by a live orchestra.

This host of memorable melodies and harmonies will put a spring in your step! 

City of Sounds Festival

In a city recognised for its architectural transformations, the City of Sounds festival is an invitation to remember, to celebrate and to look to the future of Birmingham’s rich music scene.

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Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce
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