Justin Wiggan: Collapse

Justin Wiggan: Collapse

Frontiers Series

Date and time
02 May 2017 (6:30pm - 8:30pm)

Recital Hall, Royal Birmingham Conservatoire

200 Jennens Road, B4 7XR


£7 (£5) on the door
£6 (£4) advance


I remember

Those are pearls that were his eyes.

“Are you alive, or not? Is there nothing in your head?”  

- TS Elliot The Wasteland 

Collapse is the new piece by sound artist Justin Wiggan, created in collaboration with students from Birmingham Conservatoire. 

The work investigates the removal of buildings and the utilisation of an empirical mind-set, leading to the psychological crutch of nostalgia. This is explored in a live sonic essay collaging TS Elliott's Wasteland, the removal of Paradise Forum and the transferral of educational space, seen through the genres of harsh noise wall and doom metal. 

The performance will induce crumbling anxiety, leading to the wish of escape to the outside, thus achieving a full circle. 

Andy Howlett's Paradise Lost: History in the Unmaking also features tonight.